RCX H1806-6 2400KV Micro Outrunner Brushless Motor (Best for 200-300 frame)
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RCX H1806-6 2400KV Micro Outrunner Brushless Motor (Best for 200-300 frame)

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After the successful story of RCX 1804, we are proud to launch RCX H1806 Motor (the brother of 1804 but with better quality) because we know you desire for more power when you need to lift heavy battery and FPV gears. This motor has better quality than 1804 which it uses High Quality NMB Bearing and Imported Quality Copper Wire. It is priced to sell low to beat our competitors.

The differences between RCX 1806 and H1806 are
  • H1806 has 5mm Prop Shaft instead of 4mm (so you do not need an prop adapter)
  • 2400KV has more power than 2300KV
  • Second time (after static balancing) motion balancing was done - see the balancing mud nears the magnets (unless the motor was really well balanced). If you buy the H1806 from us, you will see the "balancing mud" inside the motor (more than 50% of the motor).
  • Very good quality of CNC (the CNC was manufactured by the factory who helps a very expensive and famous brand (Scxxxxxx) to make the CNC too)

Mini Motor Best for 200-300 frames

Neat copper wire winding 
This H1806 motor made with Imported Copper Wire, NMB Bearings, Kawasaki Japan 0.2mm Silicon Steel.

High Quality CNC Production

Φ12 and Φ16 Mounting Screw Thread

5mm Prop Shaft with Special Anti-Slip Pattern
There are many 4mm Prop Shaft in the market (most of them OEM by the same factory) and you need to use an adapter ring for 5mm Prop (this may cause the prop slippery). Now, H1806 shipped with 5mm prop shaft with special designed pattern to lock up the prop even better. It also has the circle plate for T-Type Prop and extra motor shaft adapter ring for Φ4mm hole.

Clockwise (CW) & Counter-Clockwise (CCW) Prop Mount are Available
By default, H1806 shipped with CW Screw Thread for the Prop Mount. But you can purchase Counter-Clockwise separately. Click here to purchase Clockwise (CW) & Counter-Clockwise (CCW) Prop Mount if you need.

AWG Soft Cable for Easy Soldering
This was changed to AWG Soft Cable from Hard Wire starting in Oct.

M5 Slip-Resistant Hex Locknut
If you prefer, you can also use CW M5 Slip-Resistant Hex Locknut to replace the bullet but you need to use a H8 Socket Screwdriver. The propeller in the photo is GF5030.

Motor Diagram
With both 12mm and 16mm mounting options in M2 screw size, it will fit most frames in the market.

Where can you get a such high quality motor for such a low price? We are losing money to sell this motor because we want to beat our competitors. We may adjust (raise) the price anytime so you are better to buy as many as you can to save money now.

  • Model: H1806-6
  • KV: 2400KV
  • Weight: Approx. 20g (depends on the cable length and prop mount)
    • 18g if you cut the cables to short (without Prop Mount)
    • 21g if you cut the cables to short (with Prop Mount)
  • Prop Shaft Diameter: 5mm (no prop adapter is required for most 5mm props)
    • Clockwise Screw Thread
  • Stator Diameter: 18mm
  • Stator Length: 6mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 2mm
  • Motor Dimensions: Φ23x18.5mm
  • Max Continuous Current: Approx. 13A -- Watch Video
  • Max. Continuous Power: Approx. Watch Video
  • ldle Current: 0.63A
  • Internal Resistance: 0.165Ω
  • Suitable ESC: 10-15A (depends on the prop you use)
  • Suitable Battery: 2-3S Li-Po
    • 10A ESC is OK if you use a 5030 2-Rotor Prop (according to our test, it drew 9.3A with 105W at 11.4V). However, if you use 5045, 6020, 6030 etc larger props you might need a 12A - 15A ESC (15A is more safe) to avoid over-driving the ESC (will result burn of ESC if it is over-current).
    • With the test of 5045 Prop, it draws 13.2A with 158W @ 12V. So you need a 12A ESC at least. However, 15A is more safe.
    • 6020 T-Type Prop: It draws 14.2A @ 12.6V (and 12.3A @ 11.1V). So you need a 15A ESC is more safe or at least a good 12A ESC which can handle high current.
    • 6045 Prop: We have tested it with 6045 with under 11.1 & 12.6V, the motor heat went up very fast and it is too ho so. please do not try it with 6045 for 2400kv.
    • 6030 Prop: Too hot at high RPM so not recommended.

Maintenance Parts
Bearing and motor shaft are common consumable parts of a motor. You are recommended to replace a new one from time to time after a period of flight time. Replacement of bearings and motor shaft could sometime fix mirror issues. It is better for you to keep some for spare.

Package Included
  • 1 x RCX H1806-6 2400KV Micro Outrunner Brushless Motor (CW)
  • 1 x Set of Prop Mount (T-Type & Standard)
  • 1 x Set of Screw

H1806 2400KV FPV Flight with 5030 + 3S Li-Po

Fast & Flip with H1806 1600KV + 5030 + 4S Li-Po

Benchmarking: H1806 2400KV + 5030 + 3S 2200mAh 25C Li-Po

Benchmarking: H1806 2400KV + 5020 T-Type Prop + 11.1V

Benchmarking: H1806 2400KV + 6020 T-Type Prop + 11.1V

Other Testing Videos

H1806 2400KV + 5030 + 11.1V
H1806 2400KV + 6020 + 12A Sky ESC + 11.1V
H1806 2400KV + 6020 + 12A Sky ESC + 12.6V

Looking for a 1806 for 4S LiPo?

Belows are the videos testing for H1806 1600KV with 6020 Prop + 4S LiPo Battery resulted in
  • ~ 570g Thrust @ 16.2V / 119W / 7.4A
  • ~ 490g Thrust @ 14.7V / 93W / 6.3A

We are not accepting pre-order for 1600KV because we are testing 1800KV so we will find out the best KV to maximize the thrust for 4S LiPo. As for the rest, 10A ESC is good enough for lower KV H1806.



Solder H1806 Motor Cables? Please watch below video. Remember to use good Solder Wire with high Alloy & Flux. Cheap solder wire does not solder well.

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