K2 Wiring Connection Seed (10pcs)
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K2 Wiring Connection Seed (10pcs)

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This seed is often used in telecommunication industry (telephone and network) to connect two wires together in an easy secured way (much better than wiring the cables up by yourself).
  • Suitable for medium and small power line wires fast connection.
  • To solve the screw press terminals wiring operation problem of trival.
  • When wiring, directly into the wiring thread connection,The press or spinning one-time simple actions can complete connection .

  • Its volume finger size only, can be widely used in all kinds of mechanical equipment, household appliances, power distribution lines and lighting circuits
  • Button connection with duals connection moisture proof, used in three
  • Applicable for 0 core diameter. 4-0. 9 millimeter
  • Direct a pressure molding, contact a silicone fat seal, waterproof, corrosion
  • K2
Package includes:
  • 1 x K2 Wiring Connection Seed (10pcs)


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