1S To 3S Charging Cable for MCX MSR GW-9958 Battery (Mini JST)
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1S To 3S Charging Cable for MCX MSR GW-9958 Battery (Mini JST)

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Charging MSR/MCX/9958's 1 Cell Battery one by one is time consuming and also a trouble task, isn't it? Here you can charge three 1-Cell Battery at once using an external Balance Charger (eg. RCX B3 2-3S Li-Polymer Charger).

Usage Example:

But beware that you need a good balance charger, the best one should be a single processor monitoring each single battery cell, so it will stop charging when a particular cell is full. Bad balance charger may damage the battery.

The Red JST Male connector will then become a 3S Battery. This JST connector is used by some chargers required to discharge the battery during balancing such as iMax B6.

  • Cable Length: Approx. 5cm
  • Cable: AWG 24#
  • Connectors:
    • 3 x Mini JST
    • 1 x JST Male
    • 1 x 3S Charging Connector (the white one)
Package includes:
  • 1 x 1S To 3S Charging Cable for MCX, MSR, GW-9958 Battery (Mini JST)
** This item contains Cable ONLY. Battery and Balance Charger are not included.

** Please beware that all joint batteries must be same capacity (same mAh), otherwise it will be dangerous.

Video in Action
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