RCX Body Reamer (Make Canopy Hole)
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RCX Body Reamer (Make Canopy Hole)

$3.99 免稅

$3.99 未稅

$6.99 - $3.00

RCX Body Reamer (from 0-14mm) to make it easy for you to use of boring grommet holes for canopy. It also includes an aluminum alloy safety cap. This is a must tool for > 250 size helicopters because most of the canopies you buy will be Without Hole, so you need this tool to do it yourself. But it is not just for use on Canopy, you can make holes on other materials too (well, metal and aluminium of course NOT). Think about it is a reamer designed to make holes.

  • Aluminum Alloy CNC Handle
  • Aluminum Alloy Safety Cap
  • For boring grommet holes for canopies
  • Tapered Reamer Diameter: 0-14mm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Colour: Black
Package includes:
  • 1 x RCX Body Reamer (Make Canopy Hole)

Please read and accept the followings before you order (However, the quality is the same):
  • You might be given a Tool Set in Different Color w/o any prior notice.
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