Shipping & Returns

We reserve the right to change the contents of this page without any notice. Any use of MyRcMart is subject to the user agreeing to the following terms and conditions set forth by MyRcMart. Please read this page in its entirety before purchasing any item through MyRcMart. If you disagree with any portion of this page, you may not use MyRcMart and should exit immediately.

To Where Do You Deliver?

We deliver worldwide excepted some high risk countries with high percentage of lost rate on shipping and internet fraud. Simply add a product to the shopping cart then you will see the shipping charge on the right hand side. Please contact us If you do not see your country listed.

Shipping Cost

Shipping cost will display on the right hand side after you add a product to shopping cart. There is no registration or membership required. Exact shipping cost depends on the shipping method you choose (normal or express).

Free Shipping?

There will be a free shipping credit available if the product marked with "Free Shipping". The free shipping credit (amount) assigned to the product will be used to offset the actual shipping cost. So you may even have a negative shipping cost sometime if you buy many products with free shipping credit.

However, a negative amount on shipping cost cannot be refunded or offsetted the total amount. But you can buy more products that required shipping cost to save more.
Your shipping cost will increase if a product with the free shipping credit is removed from your order because there is no more free shipping credit (belong to the product) to offset the shipping cost if the product has been removed from your order.
What Shipping Cost Is Included?

The shipping cost you pay included the followings (embedded into the shipping weight):

  • Local Courier to Our Warehouse From Factory
  • Packaging Material (we use new hard boxes most of the time)
  • Courier & Handling From Our Warehouse To Post Office
  • International Courier

Shipping Cost is Non-Negotiable. Please do not place your order if you do not agree with the shipping cost because it is not gentle if you argue after we ship. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I Request Refund on Shipping Because of Delay in Delivery?

Our service contract with the courier (any) does not have a guaranteed delivery time. The delivery time is estimated (not guaranteed) only. So there will be no refund/compensation on shipping cost either from the courier or us for the reason of delay. Courier only offer refund for the shipping cost paid when the package is lost. We will not argue with the courier for the refund/compensation on the shipping cost because of delay in delivery behalf of anyone.

Which Courier Will Ship My Order?

We use the following couriers

  • Singapore Post (Registered / EMS)
  • Hong Kong Post (Registered / Air Parcel / EMS)
    • If your order contains no battery and you are from the following countries. Your order maybe shipped with a better courier service instead of Registered which is faster because the mail items will be treated as priority mail in the destinations, speeding up mail processing.
      • United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom
  • Fedex Express
  • UPS Express
  • DHL Express
  • Third Party Forwarder (who are agency of above services)

We will choose one courier which we think it is appropriate. Your parcel will be dispatched from our China warehouse unless a different location is specified.

How Do We Calculate Shopping Cost?
  • EMS Express - based on every 500g
  • Registered Mail (Small Package 2000g <) - based on every 10g
  1. The shipping cost of the first item in your order is usually more because each single box consumes the followings:
    1. Packaging (Hard Box) Material
    2. Registered Mail Tracking Cost (the Tracking Number of your parcel)
    3. Handling time for each single box (printing, labeling, packaging, accounting, etc)
  2. So it is recommended that you buy more items together because the shipping cost of the rest items do not have these associated cost.

Registered Air Parcel (Large Package > 2000g) - based on every 500g Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT - based on every 500g

** The speed of Registered Mail (Small Package) & Air Parcel (Large Package) is similar. We will usually ship your order by Registered Mail (Small Package) if the parcel is less than 2KG (and its dimension meets the Postal Guideline). We will choose the shipping method between Registered Mail and Air Parcel which we think it is appropriate.

** Beside the actual shipping weight, there could be also a dimension weight because some couriers are not stupid if you send something light but large in dimension, they will charge the weight (Dimension vs Actual Weight) whichever is larger.

** We will make the decision on when and how to separate the shipment which we think it is the best for your order.

How do you compare the advantages & disadvantages of the courier?

Each courier has its advantages and disadvantages, we cannot list out all facts but you may refer to below information (based on our experience only):

  • Registered Package
    • It is slower but cheapest for light weight parcel (under 2KG and 90cm in L+W+H), so it is good for low value order.
    • Customs usually will not be that strict to inspect the registered packages because of very high volume of parcels sending via his method. So that means usually less trouble to you.
  • Registered Air Parcel
    • The speed is about the same as Registered Package but this is for large parcels over 2KG usually but we would sometime ship the order by Air Parcel because our system charge the lowest shipping rate between Registered Package and Air Parcel. Air Parcel provides deeper tracking history compares to Registered Package.
    • Customs clearance is similar to Registered Package.
  • EMS Express
    • It is fast (but not as good as other famous international couriers eg. Fedex / DHL). So it is rated as Economy Express.
    • The shipping cost is higher than Air Parcel and Registered Package but less than DHL, UPS and Fedex Express.
    • EMS service is usually provided by post office in your country, and the volume of parcels is also very high, so Customs will not be as strict as other express couriers to inspect your parcels in detail.
    • HK EMS will X-Ray all parcels for battery so we are unable to ship the parcel if there is a battery included. If there is a battery, we will ship it by Fedex Express or 4PX Express usually.
  • 4PX Express
    • If your package cannot be shipped by Fedex Express due to some reasons (eg. we know some countries have high Customs handling fee with Fedex), we will ship your package by 4PX Express if it included battery.
    • Your package maybe routing through 4PX Express to your country when your package included battery (eg. RTF) since Hong Kong Post Office and Hong Kong EMS Express have banned battery by X-Raying already.
    • It usually take extra of 2-7 days for inspection at the courier because of battery issue and the routing time before arrival your country will be longer than expected.
    • Please be patient when your shipment included battery because extra time for handling, inspection and delivery will be expected.
  • Fedex Express
    • Most expensive shipping cost between couriers but it is faster than EMS Express.
    • It calculates the shipping cost based on both dimension of parcel and actual weight whichever is higher. So it will become very expensive to ship large box (eg. BNF / RTF Helicopter with large packaging box).
    • It is fast and they do usually meet the time, so delivery time is more guaranteed and the service is also good because you can call up the hotline to query your parcel locally in your country.
    • Customs is more strict for Express Couriers (eg. Fedex / DHL) which we must declare the parcel in detail. So we usually need to attach an exact copy of your order for the Customs Clearance. Sometime, the Customs in your country would request you to provide a payment record of purchase and order detail for inspection when they do not believe the invoice shipped with the parcel.
    • It allows to ship Li-Po batteries as long as the battery meets the requirements. So if your parcel has a battery, we will usually ship it by Fedex Express.
    • It is good for the order which needs "Guaranteed" for the delivery because they can usually deliver in 3-7 days. If you pay more, they have higher priority service which is even faster.
    • You must prepare to pay tax (import duty) unless your country has an "open mind" system. So please check whether and how much you need to pay for the tax before using Fedex. When the Customs at Fedex has taxed you import duty (under your name), the Taxation Office will still try to collect the outstanding amount (owing tax) from you later even you refuse to pay and collect the parcel at the time of delivery.
Can I have free shipping because other sellers offer free shipping?

We do not offer free shipping. However, we can honestly tell you that there is no free lunch. When a seller offers free shipping which means the shipping cost is embedded into the price. We know exactly how this business work but we do not prefer to work that way. To minimize the cost, the free shipping sellers ship the parcels via the cheapest couriers which:

  • are usually much slower because they first route the parcels from China to other countries (eg. Fuji, BPost in Euro) then to your country. So if you are from Australia or Canada, it does not make sense that your parcel goes to Fuji / BPost before arriving your country.
  • you will finally pay more in total if you buy many items in one single order. For example, a product needs USD10 shipping cost from us, but if you buy 2pcs, then the shipping cost is not USD20, it will be USD14 (for example) only. If you buy it from the free shipping sellers, you will pay the flat price which costs you actually USD8 for each, so 2pcs will cost you USD16 for the shipping. So the more you buy from us, the more shipping cost you save. But the more you buy from the free shipping sellers, the more shipping cost you pay.
  • they usually do not inspect and check the product for you because this will increase the cost of labor, so you have high risk of receiving defective product and struggle with them.

We send the parcels directly to our courier (Fedex and Hong Kong Post), the parcels will depart from China/Hong Kong directly to your country which is more safe and much faster. We do also inspect and test the product for you so receiving factory defective product will be minimized.

Can i change the delivery address (ship to another address instead of the one i give to paypal)?

If you make the payment by Credit Card or Paypal. We do not and will not ship your order to any other address instead of address you give to Paypal when you make payment. If you need to change the delivery address, then we need to refund your order, so you may re-process the payment with the correct delivery address. Alternatively, you may consider to pay by Bank Transfer or Western Union, then we can ship to any address you prefer.

For Paypal payment, you muse use the payment form on our website to make payment. Please do not send us payment directly from your Paypal account, we cannot accept that form of payment due to Paypal policy.

May I Request Separate Shipment (From Large Parcel Into Small Parcels) for My Order?

Sorry. If you would like to receive small packages (Small Parcels) from us, you need to place the orders separately. Because separate shipment (many small packages) is expensive than one large parcel.

How does the option "Separate Shipment" work?

There is an option for you to choose "Separate Shipment" when you checkout the order. In case of an item is unavailable after purchase. This option tells us whether to separate the shipment (post all available items first, and then outstanding items later). For the outstanding (unavailable) items, we will ship them by either Air Mail or Registered Package only no matter whether the shipping method of your order is Express or not.

The "Separate Shipment" method does not work on "Back Order" items. So we will not separate the shipment for you if you order an item which is on "Back Order" status.

We will also decide when to separate the shipment because we will first try to get in the outstanding items from our supplier asap. If we forecast the outstanding items will not arrive within a short period of time, then we will separate the shipment.

** You are not required to pay any extra shipping cost for separate shipment.

Is there an original factory box included with the product i purchase?

It depends. Some products will be shipped with the original factory packaging box, but some products (eg. BNF Helis) will not be shipped with the factory box. Because it depends how we purchase from the manufacture/supplier. Sometime OEM with Bulk Purchase is cheaper so there will be no original packaging box. Please contact us before you purchase if you are worried and the packaging box does matter to you (hope you are not a picky person) otherwise we may or may not ship the product with original factory packaging box. We do not accept any complaint after delivery. Thank you.

How long does it take to have my order shipped after placing my order?

Usually it takes 2-3 days for us to process your order especially when you order a RC Helicopter / Plane / Car. eg. Some customers worry  about receiving a defective RC Helicopter so Do We? We check carefully for each BNF / RTF helicopter we received from our suppliers and manufacturers and we are not that *stupid* to just pay our suppliers (we will not let them to walk away) for defective goods and ship to our customer and waiting for the customer to complain and dispute the transaction (we know you will definitely complain if we do so).

So if a helicopter is found out defective (sometime it is not defected but it just does not pass our satisfaction) in flight test before packaging (Yes we do test flight before packaging), we are going to return it back to the supplier / factory so it might take another 1-3 days. But delay in shipment is still much better to ship (overseas shipping cost is expensive) something defected to our customers since we know that you are as smart as us which will not let us to run away easily.

So don't worry about receiving a defective item because there is no reason for us to ship you a defective item while we can exchange it from the factory / supplier locally and easily. So we also act as a QC man to inspect the goods for you to make you free from troubles in dealing with the factory.

In usual case, we will offer higher priority on express shipment first especially during peak season.

How Do We Declare Your Order On Customs Clearance Form?

We know all customers worry about paying Customs Duty or their packages being stuck at Customs for clearance. So we will label your package as Gift or Personal Use for Customs Clearance purposes.

Declare Low Value On My Package (what will happen if my package is lost)?

Some buyers would request us to declare a different value on the package for their own reasons. The courier will only compensate the exact value of declared or insured amount (the insured amount cannot be higher than declared amount). Therefore, you will receive USD10 compensation only from courier or us if your package is lost/damaged if you request to declare your package USD10 even the true value of your package is USD100 or more. So you need to consider the drawback of declaring low value (take your own risk) and be responsible for your decision because we only follow your instruction.

Is There Any Import / Customs Duty?

There is no tax to be charged by us. However, you could be charged for Import / Customs Duty by an Authority (eg. Customs / Post Office / Courier) of your country when you receive your parcels. Whether you will be charged for Customs Duty depends on the Law of your country so it is out of our control and it not our decision whether to bill you tax or not. Some countries charge you for sales tax even you purchase from overseas, and you should always question clearly before you pay.

If you are worrying about Customs Duty, please contact the relevant authority of your country (eg. Post Office or Customs) for more information before purchasing over the internet because it is customer's responsibility for tax occurred in his country.

Customer will be fully responsible for all cost raised if he refuses to help or pay for the Customs Duty, the following cost might raise:

  • Shipping cost for both "Send" and "Return" (Return shipping cost is usually much higher than original sending cost).

We will assign a debt collection agency in your country to collect the fees legally from you if there is any fees occurred by your Customs. You might be responsible for extra legal fees if there is any.

** Please note that the Customs in your country may not (sometime so it depends on your luck) believe the invoice we attached to the parcel or the amount we declared so you may be requested by the Customs Officer to supply the purchase record together with payment record to prove the value. Please check with the department before placing your order because we do not accept complaint for this reason because it is out of our control and it may happen no matter where you purchase from. Thank you for your kind attention.

I Have Not Received My Parcel And It Was Returned To The Sender By My Post Office, What Now?

You agree that you are responsible for extra shipping (return and re-send shipping fee) and handling cost (if any) if the parcel was returned with either the following reasons

  • Unclaimed
  • Delivery address is incorrect (addresses is unknown)
  • Addresses refused to receive / sign the parcel
  • Addresses did not do anything for Customs Clearance

If the order was sent by Air Parcel, there will be a return shipping fee charged by your post office. We will not collect your parcel if you refuse to pay for the return shipping fee, and the your order is regarded as completed.

If your order was returned and you prefer a refund instead of re-shipping, we will refund your amount without the shipping fees (included return shipping fee), financial fees (eg. credit card transaction fees) and 20% re-stocking fee on the product.

If your order was returned and you would like a re-send, you will pay for the shipping fee again (plus any return shipping fee).

You agree that we have the right on the decision to either refund your order or re-send your order, and we do not argue with the reasons of "I have not received any notice from the post office / courier" and "The courier has not tried to deliver me". The reason of return marked on the parcel is regarded as final reason.

How long will my returned parcel be kept? So I can claim it back?

It is the customer's responsibility to keep tracking the status of his parcel included to inform us when a parcel is returned to the sender. Customer agrees that the post office or we will only keep a returned parcel for 2 months starting from the date the parcel is returned to us. The post office or we will trash the parcel after 2 months without prior notice to the customer. There will be no refund/re-delivery for this case.

The order will be deemed as completed.

Do you deliver to P.O.Box Address?

Yes, we can post your package to your P.O.Box address. However, it is recommended to use a physical address instead.

Lost or Damaged via Postal?

You MUST request a LOST / DAMAGED REPORT (to complaint damage) from the courier (eg. Post Office / EMS / Fedex) if the parcel is damaged or an item is Lost. You have the right to request a damaged report from the post office according to the international postal regulation, and the post office must give it to you. The damaged report must include details on damaged items (eg. totally damaged and it cannot be used anymore), and also keep all packaging material just in case for the investigation by post office.

Please send us the damaged report by email together with all photos to show the damaged items. We will then file a damage claim through our post office to request compensation for the damaged items. This is a proper and official way to deal with damage caused by a courier.

Do you inspect and test the R/C Toy before shipping out?

Yes for sure.

We know customers would definitely come back and complain to us if they receive a R/C Toy which is defected, and we are not happy to waste our time on arguing with customers too. So we will 100% test each R/C Toy before shipping to our customers to eliminate a possible trouble that might come to us.

Time is Money, Right? So why we give trouble to ourselves while we can simply return the defected product back to our our factory or supplier (there is no point for us send a customer a defected item and waiting for him to complain. We have no time for this kind of fun).

What should I do if the R/C Helicopter/Car/Plane/etc I received is not working?

First, Don't Panic & Don't Get Frustrated. If we post the emails between our customers and us here you will be shocked that 99% customers who experienced trouble is because of "Do not know how to".

R/C Hobby (especially R/C Helicopter/Plane) is not just simply a toy for kids. You need experience to master it. So practicing is very important to all R/C Hobby players. First, you must read the manual when you receive your R/C Toy because a small r/c motor is much stronger than a Electric Fans. So it is dangerous if you do not read the manual before you connect the power.

If you have a problem/question, please try to write us an email and attach the photos/videos showing your question for us to diagnose it.


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