Warranty & Return Policy (RMA)

We reserve the right to change the contents of this page without any notice. Any use of MyRcMart.com is subject to the user agreeing to the following terms and conditions set forth by MyRcMart.com. Please read this page in its entirety before purchasing any item through MyRcMart.com. If you disagree with any portion of this page, you may not use MyRcMart.com and should exit immediately. We are unable to accept terms and conditions from each individual customer. Thank you for your kind attention.

Important Disclaimer
All products sold have been checked for functionality and workability prior to shipping. Customer is fully responsible for damages caused during or after play. We reserve the right to refuse any return or claim due to damages caused by the above mentioned circumstances. We shall not be held responsible for any injuries caused directly, or indirectly, while using the purchased product(s). Thank you for your understanding.

Is there a warranty on my product?
In most case, R/C Hobby products do not carry warranty because most likely you will crash and break the product yourself, and most importantly R/C Hobby is a kind of Consumable Product (if click here if you have no idea what consumable product means) which it will not last forever or will not predict/guarantee how many times of use it can be.

Please contact the manufacturer for warranty directly after 2 days of testing because the warranty is carried out by the manufacturer after 2 days you have received the product (we do not carry warranty on behalf of the manufacturer).

For example: If you buy a mobile phone from a physical retail shop, then you need to contact the manufacturer (instead of the shop) for warranty after an agreed period.

Consumable parts of a product are not covered by warranty
Complaint will not be accepted on consumable parts of a product after 2 calendar days of delivery (as reported by tracking status) since these items are easily damaged during play. Consumable parts are:

  • Motor:
    • Motor Shaft
    • Motor Bearings

Standard Warranty Period
General factory warranty period will be three months from the date of delivery. You may request warranty service for the product you have purchased within this period and return of product is required for warranty service.

When Does Warranty Begin?
The period of warranty shall start from the date of delivery of the product to the customer (or to the delivery address). The date of "Delivered" provided by the third party courier will be the first date (not the date you start using the product). If the delivery date is unable to determine in any case. The warranty period will begin  from the date of order and expire after four months.

We do not accept the reason that the product was just first used today after weeks or months it has been delivered.

Who can claim for the warranty?
Warranty & After Sales Service will be provided to the account holder (so you must use the same email address to contact us) only who placed the order. No warranty and after sales service will be provided to other third party.

Why RC Hobby products come with limited warranty?
In common practice for RC Hobby. If you buy a RTF (Ready to Fly) or BNF in a local physical hobby shop. The seller would usually test the hobby product in front of you (test flight) to prove the helicopter is working properly before selling to you (and you either agree the condition as seen, or disagree the condition then walk out the door without paying for it). After you walk out the door, the seller would not take responsibility for damage/defective because it is 99.99% that the defective was caused by a crash. This sounds not very good but this is true and a common practice for all RC Hobby sellers. If you choose to pick up the products you purchase physically in our store, we will follow this rule. For international shipping, you will have 48 hours for testing which is super enough.

Return Procedure

  1. Contact us for the Authorization on Return.
  2. Ship the goods back to the sender's address.
  3. Get the replacement or refund.

How do I get an authorization for return or submit a complaint?
Please contact us with the following details to obtain an authorization for return (or submit a complaint):

  1. Order ID
  2. The date you received the order (will be confirmed by post office or courier)
  3. Describe the problem in details
  4. Photos to show the problem (either)
  • none electronic product (eg. Skid, Blade, Tail Boom, etc.)
  • please include the photos of the packaging box if you complain for damages during transportation
Videos to show the problem (either)
  • electronic product (eg. Receiver, Helicopter, Car, etc.)

Is there is timeframe which I must return the items?
You must ship (it means to post back the items within 7 days. Not delivery time within 7 days) the items back to us within 7 days after you have received the confirmation from us. Any agreement made between you (buyer) and us (seller)  will be voided and no further action will be taken by us if you ship the items back after 7 days.

We are unable to take your complaint and claim again in the future if you do not post the items back within 7 days. Thank you for your cooperation.

Can I return or complain my order without an authorization?
No.  It is required to submit photos or videos along with your complaint. A complaint without a proof (eg. photo / video) does not qualify for a complaint. It is the same for insurance company, you need to submit the proof in order to make a claim (that makes sense and is common to everyone in any country).

However, it will be fine if you have decided to return the item(s) and skip to provide a photo or video. We will inspect the returning item(s) when we receive it and inform you the outcome.

** We must receive all the details (eg. Video / Photo) from you within 3 days after you file a complaint.

Can I get a replacement or refund without returning the item or order?
You must agree and understand that you are required to return the goods for refund or exchange in original condition with No Exception for any reason. You should not purchase from us if you disagree the terms and conditions of our website. An used product is subjected for factory warranty service (refund and exchange for used product are unavailable).

** Warranty does not cover free replacement. Therefore, return of product is required for factory warranty service, exchange or refund.

Can i exchange or receive refund for the product which has been used?
An apparent used product (not new condition) will be available for factory warranty service (free repaired if it is factory defective). No exchange and refund are available for used and damaged product. Only product with original new condition is available for refund upon return. Human damaged product is not covered by warranty.

What shall i do when i have received a wrong item?
We will be fully responsible in case of our mistake (wrong item shipped). You must agree that you will return the wrong item back to us and we will pay for the return shipping cost. Upon our decision that
you maybe requested to destroy the item for resend or refund when return is impossible.
Who will be responsible for return shipping cost?
The return shipping cost will be be afforded by you (the buyer). It is the same no matter you buy locally or internationally.

We will afford the shipping cost of resending (in the case of factory defective only) after we have received the defect item(s) and the defected item(s) is proven to be a factory defective item(s). For warranty product, we will ship it together with your future order at no additional cost unless it is a heavy product.

When will I receive refund/exchange if i return the product(s)?
You agree and accept that a replacement / refund will be processed only for the product(s) which have been returned to us safely. No refund / replacement will be issued before we receive the product(s) back from you.

I want to receive my replacement/missing/resending items/order by Express Courier?
Replacement, Missing and Resending items/order will be shipped by normal Registered Parcel or Air Mail only no matter of the original shipping method of your order. Unless the you are willing to to pay for the second shipping cost of express courier.

Is there a deadline for me to submit a complaint or request for return?
Yes. A complaint or request for return must be received by us within 48 hours after the parcel has been delivered
(the "delivered date" reported by third party courier is final).

If you have found any problem with product(s) you have received from us. You should and must report to us within 2 days (no excuse for any reason after 2 days or below date defined) after you have received the product(s) because we are unable offer a return/refund/resend/exchange with whatever reason after many days or weeks. Two days are more than enough for testing.

Please contact the factory directly for warranty after 2 days. It will not be our decision whether you will be eligible for a warranty on your product after 2 days.

However, we have a longer deadline for the following kind of products which ensure you have enough time for testing.

  • BNF / RTF / RTR - 2 days after the product has been delivered
  • Motor - 7 days after the product has been delivered
  • ESC - 7 days after the product has been delivered
  • Video Transmitter or Receiver (VTX) - 7 days after the product has been delivered
  • Camera - 7 days after the product has been delivered
  • Multicopter Flight Controller - 7 days after the product has been delivered
  • Transmitter (Radio) - 7 days after the product has been delivered
  • Receiver - 7 days after the product has been delivered
    • Receivers of Nine Eagles, Walkera (Micro Helis), Skyartec, WL Toys, HJ, GreatWall, Hubsan are not included.
  • Hardware Parts (None Electronic) - 7 days after the product has been delivered
  • Battery - 7 days after the product has been delivered
  • LCD / 5.8Ghz LCD - 7 days after the product has been delivered
** Add-on complaint after the first complaint will not be accepted.
** We have the right to make the final decision on return/refund/resend/exchange when the product is returned.

Can I get refund for the original shipping cost after returning my order?
No. Shipping cost is not refundable in any circumstance.

Do I need to return the item in its original packaging?
An item must be returned in the original manufacturer's packaging, so we recommend you keep your packaging.

You will not be refunded if you return the product without the original packaging or with a missing item (eg. accessories). In this case, we will only help you to forward your returned product to the factory for repairing and you will be responsible for all cost (shipping and repairing).

Is there a deadline I must return the item after my "authorization for return" has been granted ??
You must return (shows you that have posted the parcel by giving us the tracking number) the item within 7 days after your "authorization for return" has been granted. Otherwise, that means you choose to give up the complaint and return, and your complaint and refund will not be accepted again in the future.
What will happen when my package has been returned?
We will have a video camera ready for recording during unboxing and stock taking (we will first put the package on a digital scale to check the weight under record recording). Your and our post offices would also have a record of package weight in gram so basically this video is a good evidence when further argument raises.

Lost Parcel (Not Received)?
We do not refund or replace the parcel that did not arrive because

  • the customer did not pick up the parcel in time (as reported/confirmed by post office / courier).
  • the customer supplied an incorrect address (as reported/confirmed by post office / courier). eg. below causes are examples (also classified as) of incorrect address.
    • the people at the delivery address refused to sign for the parcel
    • the people at the delivery address claimed there is no such person
  • the customer refused to sign/receive the parcel (as reported/confirmed by post office / courier).
  • the item(s) refused by Customs (not permitted to import into your country - you must make sure the product you purchase is legally permitted for import into your country, as reported/confirmed by post office / courier).
  • the customer refused to pay the Customs Duties (or refuse to help on Customs Clearance), the parcel will be trashed by the Customs and no refund / resend will be offered.
  • the tracking status shows that the parcel has been delivered

The order will be regarded as *completed* and the customer must agree that he will be responsible for return (if any) and re-sending cost (if any) if any of above conditions applied. No argument or any other reason will be taken into consideration after the courier / post office has reported / confirmed either of above.

Received Wrong Item (Not What I Ordered)?
You will be required to return the wrong item to us for exchange or refund. However, we will be responsible for the return shipping cost (refund via your original payment). The return shipping method is usually Registered Mail. We are not responsible for the shipping cost if no prior agreement from us.

Why some products have an option for Warranty?
A product might have two options available for warranty which are:

  • Standard Factory Warranty
    • Standard price
    • Product shipped with default factory warranty
  • No Warranty & Support (On My Own Risk)
    • Discounted price
    • Product shipped without any warranty and support either from factory or us. So this means it is sold as "AS IS". No complaint will be accepted for this option even the product is DOA (Dead On Arrival) or no matter of whatever reason caused.
    • We give up the our profit and you give up the warranty & after sales support. However, you can use the money you have saved to purchase a spare.
    • Product sold at almost the cost price so we cannot afford to offer warranty and support.

The product shipped to you will be brand new no matter of which option you choose. We will just randomly pick up the product from box. However, if you choose the "No Warranty Option", the discounted price is usually good enough for you to purchase an extra one. eg. You paid the price of 4 motors but received 5 motors which is nice because you will have a spare to repair if any of them has a problem (this is an example only and we do not guarantee the defective item is limited to 1pc only).

The warranty option affects all items (all products inside the package) if the product itself is a Combo Package (contains different products). Therefore, all items inside the package will have the same warranty status according to the warranty option selected.

If you always have bad luck in receiving DOA product or you have no idea which option to choose. Then we recommend you to choose "Standard Factory Warranty". It is not gentle to argue for warranty after purchasing the product with discounted price so please only choose "No Warranty" option if you agree the terms and condition because no one should win both sides of a coin. We also do not guarantee how many good and defective motors you will receive and will not consider any reason for complaint

Please note that we are unable to process an order with the same product but different warranty options. For example, if you purchase

  • 1 x Motor with "Standard Factory Warranty"
  • 3 x Motor with "No Warranty & Support (On My Own Risk)"
We may also refuse your order (or your claim for defective) if you have purchased the product without warranty in the past but with warranty now (or versa) since some people play trick to place two orders separately one with warranty and another without warranty to take advantage of this option.

We will either refund this order without prior notice or all same products in the order are classified "No Warranty" because you and us are unable to determine which motor has warranty and which does not have (this situation will leave a room for argument in the future which makes the warranty status ambiguous). Thank you for your understanding.

Warranty Does Not Cover The Followings
Please note that warranty is limited (it covers factory defective only) and does not cover the followings. Therefore, please make sure your warranty request does not belong to any of followings otherwise there will be no action taken by us after the product is returned.

  • Apparent Damaged - We do not provide warranty service for a product with apparent damaged outside. For example, there is no warranty for the motor that has been crashed and damaged.
  • Firmware Modification - Default firmware shipped with the product has been tested by the factory. The warranty will be voided if you flash your own firmware (or modify the firmware) into the product.
    • Improper firmware would cause malfunction and even burn the IC so you are fully responsible for doing this.
  • Hardware Modification - The warranty will be voided if you change the hardware on the PCB.
  • Improper Operation - eg. Hardware burnt because you connect voltage + and - to the wrong side, or over current.
  • Over Maximum Limit - eg. Motor and ESC are used over their maximum limit. This would cause the motor and ESC to burn.

* All matters and disputes will be subject to our final decision (at our discretion).
* Please question before you purchase if there is any doubt because argument on the terms will not be accepted after purchase.