Conditions of Use

We reserve the right to change the contents of this page without any notice. Any use of MyRcMart is subject to the user agreeing to the following terms and conditions set forth by MyRcMart. Please read this page in its entirety before purchasing any item through MyRcMart. If you disagree with any portion of this page, you may not use MyRcMart and should exit immediately.

By using, you must:

  1. Accept and agree the terms and conditions listed on all the other pages eg. Shipping & Returns, Mail Tracking, General FAQ, Return Policy (RMA), etc.
  2. Agree we have the right to decide whether to process or refund your order.  We are not responsible for any loss caused by, but not limited to, the currency exchange, handling, service fee raised by your financial institution (eg. Credit Card Company / Bank).
  3. If you have received a discount (eg. used a discount coupon code) for your purchase, and later you would like to claim for anything (eg. compensation / complaint), you must agree that you need to pay us back ALL discount you have received for all of your orders first.
  4. Agree and understand that you must be over 18 years old or a legal adult in your country. Moreover, you will not buy anything from us for any children (eg. buy toys and parts for your son). We will not process any order for children or you if you buy any single item for children. R/C Hobby is for adult only!!
  5. Agree any claim will be capped to the product price. No more than the product price will be responsible by us. You must leave and should not place your order to us if you disagree.
  6. All products sold have been checked for functionality and workability prior to shipping. Customer is fully responsible for damages caused during or after play. We reserve the right to refuse any return or claim due to damages caused by the above mentioned circumstances.
  7. We shall not be held responsible for any injuries caused directly, or indirectly, while using the purchased product(s).
  8. Agree any legal issues and actions raised from you must be taken place in the country where MyRcMart located. You cannot use and must leave immediately if you disagree.
  9. You agree that we may take legal actions against you in your country (a lawyer in your country will be appointed by us) and we will recover all our legal expense after we win the case on the court. Cases such as
    • Internet Scam (we will file a crime report both in our country and your country)
    • Refuse to return the goods (which were delivered wrongly to you) to us
    • You have received refund for your payment but refused to return the goods back to us. This is an internet scam and we will file a police report and take legal actions against you.

In the case of outstanding debt owing to us, MyRcMart will assign a third party (eg. a debt collection agency in your country) to take legal actions to collect the outstanding debt from you. You will pay all the legal costs (eg. for Court, Lawyer, Debt Collection Agency) raised.

* All matters and disputes will be subject to our final decision (at our discretion).