General FAQ

I have not received a manual for the product i purchased

If the package states that there is a manual, it could be either an Online Manual / CD Rom / Book Manual. You need to download it from the website of the manufacture if there is no Book Manual or CD Rom shipped with the product. If you could not find the manual, please contact us.

I have not received any email after my registration / purchase, is there any problem?

Our system would send you a confirmation email after your registration / purchase. If you have not received any email from us, this is 99% due to the reason that your mail server (ISP) filtered our emails.

So please check your Spam / Junk folder of your mail account (email box). It could be there. Don't worry if you could not find out emails because it is not that important since you check login our website to place your order directly and check the order details.

Product specification may vary from time to time and photo(s) is for illustration only?

On every product page, we have put a footer note at the bottom for example:

  • product specification may vary from time to time
  • photo(s) is for illustration only

What do above statements mean?

In R/C Hobby industry, the manufacturer usually change the specification of an item (eg. spare parts) from time to time without a notice. This is usually an improvement for the item. However, the trouble raises here because we do not have that much time to retake the photo
. Also the same motor with different KVs, we will only take one photo and use that photo for all KV motors. Because it is too time wasting to take photos for the same motor but in different KVs since they look exactly the same excepted the KV value printed on the motors.

So we clearly announce on every product page and here that

  • "product specification may vary from time to time" means the item you receive may vary when the manufacturer has changed the specification.
  • "the photo(s) is for illustration only" means the item you receive may vary compares to the photo.
    • Sometime, in order to demonstrate the feature and usage of the product. In the photo, we may use use other parts or tools which are not included with the product. So you should to refer to the "Package Included" to check a list of items which are really included.

But when do we update the specification and retake the photo(s) for the new version?

We will retake the photo(s) for the new version only when there is really a big difference between the old and new versions to let the customer to distinguish the version he needs. By this time, we usually will create new product named "V2". If the update is just a mirror change to the item which has no effect on using it no matter of which version. We will only update the photo(s) later when we have more time.

Thank you for your understanding before you purchase.

Which Mode of the helicopter will i received if I do not specify?

You will be given a "Mode 2 -- Left Hand Throttle" by default if you do not specify which Mode would you like to receive from us. The "Mode 2" here means Left Hand Stick controls Throttle and Rudder which is covered and used by most R/C Pilots worldwide. However, some people in the Asian countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, etc. prefer more in "Mode 1" which is Right Hand Stick controls throttle and aileron.

So we would usually ship "Mode 1" helicopter to those countries with high population in Right Hand Throttle. Otherwise we ship Mode 2 to all Western Countries (USA, EU, CA, RU, Africa, etc.).

** Please be responsible yourself if you do not select the Mode when you purchase.
** Please note that some transmitters (depends on the factory) would have different names for Mode. So it is better to say Left Hand Throttle and Right Hand Throttle so people will not mess things up.

Will I get a defective item?

We Check and Test each single item before sending out, and will return defective items to our supplier / manufacturer for exchange even a spare parts because there is no way we pay for a defective item.

Based on the following reasons:

  1. We can exchange defective items from our supplier / manufacturer.
  2. Shipping cost is expensive for sending to overseas.
  3. The most important reason is that we would pay a lot more, in terms handling time, to deal with the customer if we send out a defective item, because we know you will come back to us and we would waste a lot of time on this if we do so.
  4. Reputation is also important to us because we believe Word of Mouth is valuable.

Therefore, why we bother to post you a defective item? and there is no reason for us to do that which could damage our reputation. So, don't worry about this. However, if you are Really Really worrying about we will or might send you a defective item, please do not place your order as we do not wish and have no time to struggle this with you in the future (because people who have negative thinking will usually run into bad luck).

Why limitation applied on my account on shipping and payment methods?

We may apply limitation on shipping and payment methods on a customer's account if

  1. The customer's complaint is not reasonable (he is just trying to make people difficult).
  2. The customer who like to take advantages of PayPal policy on payment dispute and claim.
  3. The customer who commands, threatens or blackmails us for free item, free upgrade, free delivery or anything with any reason.
  4. The customer who sends us rude emails (with impolite content).

We Say NO to payment dispute (we are not going to negotiate with you if you put a gun to our head [file a dispute] before or in the communication). You will not get what you wanted if you threaten us or file a dispute on payment. We stand firm.

We have no intention (and will not) to scam anyone but we do not want to be scammed, if you file a dispute (or threaten/blackmail us that you will do something bad to us if we do not do what you have asked) before shipping, we will refund your order (you get your money back which is fair enough). If you file a dispute after you have received the product, we will simply request for return (you return the goods in original conditions and receive your money back). That are the only solutions to payment dispute, and then we will not accept anymore paypal and credit card payment from you because we are really feared.

Why limitation applied on my country?

To what we experienced, we applied limitation on certain countries in order to avoid argument (limitation do not apply on loyal customers who have good purchase history from us). We are so sorry for any inconvenience caused to you if you are a loyal and good customer.


  1. Due to high rate of complaint from India customers. We only accept Western Union or Bank Transfer payment from India If you purchase RC Helicopter / Plane / Car, or any electronic items.
  2. We only accept Western Union or Bank Transfer payment from India if the total amount is larger than USD100.

Indonesia / Vietnam

  1. Due to high rate of stolen Paypal and credit card transactions from Indonesia and Vietnam. We only accept Paypal / Credit Card Transaction from Indonesia and Vietnam customers where the total amount is less than USD100. Please pay by Western Union / Bank Transfer instead if the amount is larger than USD100.
  2. We check the orders very carefully from above countries due to very high internet scams.
  3. Customers with good purchase history will be excluded from above terms.

Why did you cancel and refund my order(s) without my confirmation?

We are a honest seller and will not take your money and run away. If we think there is a high possibility that:

  • You might complain our service or product after you receive the order(s).
  • The payment transaction was completed by a stolen credit card / paypal account.

We would rather to cancel and refund the order(s) to eliminate further troubles.

Can i have refund for my order because it has been delayed in processing / shipping?

There will be no refund for the reason of delay in processing or shipping time. Because the process and shipping time are estimated only so it is not guaranteed.

Any transaction fees if i receive refund through credit card?

Some credit card company (or bank) might charge their customer transaction fees if the customer receive a refund in the currency which is not the same as the currency of his credit card.

For example, if you are from Australia and your credit card is mostly in AUD but you have paid your order in USD. If we refund USD (which we must because there is no option for us to refund in different currency) back to your credit card then your credit card company might charge you (as an example):

  • Security Bordering
  • Currency Conversion (the rate could be low and disadvantage to you)
  • etc... whatever name...

So we would usually refund the money as purchase points to your account with us to avoid this problem. Thank you for your understanding.

What does "XXXXXX Substitution (if out of stock)" mean?

If you see these option:

  • Color Substitution (if out of stock)
  • Motor Substitution (if out of stock)

This is the option for you to choose whether we are allowed (based on your decision) to change the Color or Motor for the item you purchased if the default Color or Motor is out of stock. Basically you can read and understand from the English clearly. So it is not an option for you to choose the color or motor. This option will activate only if the default item is out of stock.