Shipping & Returns (Part #2)

Return / Refund / Complain
  • Return is allowed only after authorized by our staff.
  • Any Complaint and Request for Return / Refund / Exchange must be received by us within 2 days (no excuse for any reason after 2 days) after you have received the product because we cannot accept that a customer requests for a return and refund with whatever reason after many days or weeks. We do not offer "Return After Try / Fun", so 2 days is more than enough for testing.
  • Refund will be through the original payment method which the buyer pays, eg. You will get refund to your credit card if you pay by credit card.
  • The cost of shipping & handling fees is NOT refundable in any situation because it is a none refundable expense paid to the courier.
  • All defective items will be replaced with brand new items. No exchange to different item unless the item is no longer available. However, since few dishonest customers tried to cheat us with their old defected electronic items (eg. receiver from their helicopter) so we might need to send the items back to the manufacturer for inspection (eg. check the manufacturer date inside the item, cause of the defective, etc.).
  • The Return Shipping Cost Must Be Afforded By Customers. Please do not argue with us on this one since it is the same no matter where you buy and return.
Is There A Restocking Fee?

The customer might be charged for 15-20% Restocking Fee on returned items (must be still in Working & Brand New Condition).

If the customer returns us an apparent Broken / Burned item (eg. Receiver / ESC), we reserve the right to charge 40-60% restocking fee on the returned item OR refuse for return/refund. Since we experienced very few dishonest customers tried to cheat us using the old Receiver / ESC, which was run out and taken off from their helicopter, to exchange a new one from us (or refund). Please do not do that, we have been doing honest business here and profit margin is very low so we cannot take this risk. Thank you.

The Electronic Item (eg. Receiver / ESC / Motor) I Received Is Not Working (Defective), What Should I Do?

We only sell and post customers 100% Brand New items. If you have received a defective item, please keep it as original and post us back (to the sender's address on the package) for inspection by us or the manufacturer (the item must be still in Like New Condition). Exchange, Refund or Repair will be decided by us or manufacturer.

Electronic device is the killer for many customers because it could be damaged easily if misused (eg. incorrect wiring could burn the device immediately). So please be responsible for your work and be fair to each other. Very few dishonest customers tried to cheat us for a brand new replacement or refund using the old receiver took off from their helicopter which is unacceptable and awful. We stand firmed to reject this kind of ridiculous requests (we do not want this kind of customers too). So be fair and be responsible.

Can I cancel my order after it has been posted?

It depends whether we could get the parcel back from the Post Office. However, the shipping fee is 100% non-refundable after posting. If you request a cancellation after we processed and posted your parcel. You must agree the following fees will be charged:

  1. Full shipping fee because it has been paid to the courier
  2. 10% restocking and handling fee of the product price
  3. Cancellation fee by the courier before departing
    1. USD50 if the parcel was shipped by Singapore EMS Express or Registered (in the case that the parcel is already in Singapore before departing and is still able to cancel)
  4. Return shipping cost back to our warehouse (usually return cost is higher than shipping cost we send)

However, the order cannot be canceled or refunded after the package has been departed from its origination (country).

Why my order is canceled and refund?

If an item you ordered (or your complete order) is unavailable due to any of the following reasons:

  • Stock not physically available
    • This happens when we are unable to find the stock in our warehouse
  • Stock defective found
  • We think it is not suitable to process your order for a reasons eg.
    • We think there maybe a conflict (argument) in the future after you receive the goods. Usually if the buyer is so mean in the conversation, the chance of having more troubles in the future is very high after we ship the goods (more complaints will come according to our past experience).
    • Special request we are unable to perform

We reserve the right to refund your order without notice and your permission / agreement.

Why the product purchased was only used for **N** times but already run out?

R/C Hobby is consumable product so there will be no warranty. The most common consumable items are:

  • Battery
    • Did you overuse (keep it above 3.7V) or overcharge (keep it below 4.2V)?
    • Did you keep it in storage mode if you do not use it for a period of time?
    • Did you use a good battery balance charger (stock charger is usually not as good as  the expensive chargers)?
  • Motor
    • Did you let the motor to cool down between each flight/run?
    • Brushed motors cannot last long, so you need to replace the brushed motor more often than brushless motor.
    • Did you replace the bearings and motor shaft? Because these are consumable parts (no warranty) which are required to change from time to time. So that means bearings and main shaft will not last forever.
  • ESC
    • Did you let the ESC to cool down between each flight/run?
    • Did the motor drive the ESC too hard?
  • Receiver
    • Did you crash? even a hard landing?
    • Did you land on bed or sofa, so the rotor blades stuck?
    • Wrong configuration?
  • Gyro
    • Wrong configuration?
    • Did you crash?
    • etc...
  • Servo
    • Did you crash? The gears inside could be damaged when it crashes, the motor could also be effected (the same even you crash it on Sofa or Bed).
    • There is a micro brushed motor inside the servo so the lift time will not be too long unless it is an expensive servo built with good motor.
    • Wrong digital and analog mode would damage the servo.

All these items have limited life time which will not last forever or very long (especiall brushled motor / esc / battery and servo). No replacement/exchange/refund will be offered no matter how many times of use after the testing period (as defined in RMA page). Also you should carefully inspect the RC Helicopter/Plane/Car before use (especially above items), if you feel something is wrong, you should replace it by a new and functional one. RC Hobby is not an undestroyable kingkong, it will break and run out mcuh faster than you think.

So you are recommended to purchase the spare parts together with the RC Hobby Toy for repairing and maintenance. No free replacement parts will be offered for future maintenance.

Warranty on Helicopters and Electronic Components
  • There is no warranty due to the nature of the products, usually misused by customers, and it is the same no matter where you buy.
  • We test each single helicopter before shipping out and we only sell brand new products so the chance of receiving a defective product is likely ZERO.
  • However, manufacturers do provide inspection and repairing services, and they will replace the parts for you if they found it is not the customer's fault. The following terms applied when the a customer requests this type of services.
    • Customer is responsible for the both return and re-deliver shipping charge for all situations.
    • Customer is responsible for any fee occurred directly or indirectly for the service.
    • Final judgment will be on the decision of manufacturer or us.