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Rebate / Coupon / Review

We reserve the right to change the contents of this page without any notice. Any use of is subject to the user agreeing to the following terms and conditions set forth by Please read this page in its entirety before purchasing any item through If you disagree with any portion of this page, you may not use and should exit immediately.

You can enjoy 5% to 50% rebate on any r/c helicopter, plane or car you purchase from us. What you need to do is to take a short video to demonstrate a flying helicopter or plane, or a running car. Percentage of rebate depends on the quality of the video. we may also consider to offer you 100% rebate if the quality of the video is perfect.

Requirements of Video
  1. Question us before you purchase if you are planning to review a product because not every product is qualified for review rebate.
  2. Mention where you purchase your r/c helicopter, plane or car, the video either
    1. show a paper or card with our website name written on it
    2. has someone (you do not really need to be in the video, we just need someone to speak) speaking to mention our website in the beginning of the video
  3. Upload and share your video on YouTube
  4. That's it. You get 5% - 50% rebate back. Easy Money!!
    1. In house products might get high rebate
    2. Products of other brands get low rebate.
    3. No rebate if you choose to advertise other sellers for the same review (either in video / description).
  5. Low quality video is not a review and will get no rebate. eg.
    1. A simple test flight video with no introduction is not a review
  6. Youtuber with high number of subscribers (eg. 1000+) will get high rebate up to 100% but also depend on the quality of the video.
  7. High quality video review with good introduction and testing will get high rebate.
Please use contact us form to claim for the rebate by providing the following details:
  1. The URL of the video
  2. Your Order ID.

Terms & Conditions on Order Rebate

Customers must agree the followings :
  1. One order is eligible for one rebate only.
  2. Rebate only apply to the price of the ARF/RTF helicopter, airplane, and r/c car (any other items and shipping cost excluded).
  3. Rebate amount can only be used for next purchase (as a reward points in your account with us, we will not directly refund through original payment method).
  4. Request on rebate must be made within 30 days after you receive your order.
  5. Customer who received a special offer from us for the order is not eligible to claim for rebate.
  6. Same product (no matter whether in different color/order) will only be rebated once.
  7. Rebate Amount
    1. Amount on Shipping and Handling is excluded from Rebate.
    2. Spare item will not be rebated (common mistake and it is important), eg.
      1. Some people buy 5 or 10 motors at once and apply for rebate based on a video review of only 1 single motor required. You will receive rebate only for 1 motor. If you only need 1 motor for the review and you should not buy more than you need.
  8. We own the copyright of the video.
  9. We have the right to make the final decision and judgment.
  10. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions anytime without any notice.
  11. We can make a copy of the video and share it on the internet (eg. Youtube) without prior notice.
  12. Customer must return (pay us back) us the credit plus 20% Handling Charge if he has already spent the credit and requested for the followings:
    1. Delete/Remove the video
    2. Any claim against the order
  13. No rebate will be considered if there is a complaint received from you for the order.
  14. It is unacceptable to delete / remove the video after receiving the credit from us, this is seen as cheating us. We will cancel the credit immediately.
Terms & Conditions on Coupon
Customer must use the coupon appropriately according to the terms and conditions of the coupon. Please do not use a coupon if you do not accept the terms and conditions:
  • Customer agrees to return (pay us back) the full discounted amount for the order if the customer is filing a claim/complaint against the order. Otherwise no claim/complaint will be accepted.
  • We have the right to make the final decision whether to process an order which a coupon was used.

We offer selected products for Review and Testing to Individual, RC Community, Open Source Project. However, due to we have been scammed by some people who disappeared forever after we have sent them products. So we apply very strict rules now.
  • You need to show us your references.
  • You need to tell us what you will do (eg. feedback, video?) after you receive the products for testing and review.
  • You must pay for the full price first for the first time of the sponsorship. Payment is not required for subsequent reviews if you have done what you have promised for the first time (and you did a good job too).
  • You must provide feedback to us within a number of days which we agree. Otherwise, no payment will be refunded because you do not receive the product today and give us the feedback after months or a year.
  • If you do not keep your promise, no subsequent new product for review will be offered
So basically, if you do not disappear after you receive the products from us, you will get the money back as we agree. You just need to keep your promise. That's it.

Video Samples

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